Our Services

With an 80 year heritage in delivering outstanding healthcare supply solutions, Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2) is today Australia’s largest pharmaceutical and medical healthcare provider - providing the widest range and most competitive prices for our customers.

As Australia’s only fully integrated pharmaceutical and medical consumable distributor servicing the entire healthcare market, CH2 is proud to be a leader in supply chain innovation and investing in superior technology and systems.

CH2 is made up of four business units, CH2 Hospitals, CH2 Primary Care, CH2 Community Pharmacy, CH2 Vet and CH2 Aged and Community Care. CH2 utilises local knowledge and local people to provide superior customised solutions for your business. Each business unit has its own national network of expert Business Development Managers.

CH2 manages a product portfolio of over 50,000 Stock Keeping Units (SKU's) including pharmaceutical, OTC, veterinary, medical and general consumables, and equipment sourced from more than 700 suppliers.




Customer Service
CH2 operates a national customer service facility with dedicated help lines and fax numbers for each Business Unit.

CH2 customers can also access our on-call IT Help Desk for any queries regarding our online product ordering systems and other technology solutions we provide.

Wardbox® is CH2’s groundbreaking technology providing a streamlined ‘direct to ward’ distribution system.  It is built on a ‘just in time’ replenishment system – orders are created in a theatre or ward area and then transmitted electronically to one of CH2’s warehouses using either our SOS ordering system or an EDI interface.

Wardbox® provides a valuable end to end solution designed to help our customers reduce purchasing and supply operating costs. The key benefits of this solution include:

  • Barcode scanning technology
  • Direct delivery to individual wards or departments
  • Comprehensive customised reporting
  • Orders picked, packed and invoiced for specific ward area and delivered to hospital for direct unpacking in the ward. 
  • The choice of 4 service models tailored your specific requirements, including on-site teams

To find out how you can increase supply chain efficiencies and achieve greater economies of scale, fill out an enquiry form or call us on 1300 720 274.

Web-based Ordering System – CH2 Direct
CH2 offers a simple and intuitive web-based customer ordering system – CH2 Direct.  Feature and benefits include:

  • No software installation required – customers place orders directly into CH2’s ordering system
  • Personalised login enables access to CH2 Direct from any computer or mobile device - no need to have to order from one machine
  • Simple and intuitive interface – customisable to display your personal profile and order history
  • Easy to learn – support manuals and personal support available from your Business Development Manager
  • Browse and search from CH2’s full catalogue of products without logging in

Register now to create an online account with CH2 Direct or call 1300 720 274.

Simple Order System (SOS)
SOS is CH2's proprietary online ordering system that revolutionised the supply process by giving healthcare organisations direct access to CH2’s inventory via their own PCs.

Learn more about how SOS can benefit your organisation.

Supplier Logistics Services – 3PL/4PL
CH2 offer a range of third and fourth party logistics solutions enabling our Supplier partners to outsource Supply Chain management services. 

By tailoring a Supply Chain strategy and solution, CH2 is able to work with you to optimise your product and service offering using the support of our National team and world-class distribution network.

Third Party Logistics (3PL)
A 3PL solution will see CH2 manage your logistics by providing the warehousing, pick, pack and distribution services to deliver your products from the point of storage to the point of delivery.

All other services within the value chain – sales, marketing, customer pricing, customer servicing, invoicing and debt collection - remain functions of your business.

Fourth Party Logistics (4PL)
For a more complete solution to your logistics requirements, CH2 also provides a Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) service.  You can be secure in the knowledge that CH2 will manage your entire Supply Chain nationally. 

With 4PL, CH2 will direct inventory management and control you inbound logistics, warehousing and distribution, customer service, invoicing, debt collection and reverse logistics.

Outsourcing this critical part of the value chain by utilising our expert logistics services leaves you more time and resources to focus on Sales, Marketing and Pricing -

For more information on our suite of logistics services fill out an enquiry form or call 1300 720 274.

CH2 Warehouses
Our Warehouses, located in every state across Australia, are temperature controlled and operated to standards to ensure all products are kept in a clean, secure and climate controlled environment all year round.

CH2 adheres to the national storage guidelines when handling, storing and distributing products requiring storage between 2-8 degrees Celsius. CH2 has a Cold Chain process in place to ensure fridge and frozen products are delivered within their required storage guidelines and are monitored from our warehouse to the customer.

Quality Data
At CH2 the quality of our data is critical. We are committed to implementing the GS1 system throughout the business and within our partner network.

The preferred use of EANCOM or GS1 XML as a message set, GTINs for product identification, GLNs for location information and SSCC logistics labels are paramount to the future of our industry.  CH2 are passionate supporters in the belief that an adherence to excellence in quality systems will lead to improved patient outcomes.